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Clunk Magazine
Interview with Bingo Fury
Single Review: Secret Underwater Love by Roscoe Roscoe

Interview with Jack Merrett from Famous

Single Review: Ocean View by Klangstof

Single Review: Do It Differently by The Rills

Music Video Review: Thumbs Up by The Howl & The Hum

Metal Magazine
Interview with Rosy Bones from Goat Girl
Review: Nicolas Cage Please Get In Touch by Lunch Money Life
Music Video Review: Daydream by Kat Duma

Makers Cabinet
Interview with jeweller Hector Michalopoulos
Interview with woodworker Helen Welch

The Whickers
'Sashay To Hell' review and interview with Dan Hudson
'The Fade' and 'The Death Row Book Club' review

Open City Documentary Festival 2019
Interview with Eleanor McDowall
Interview with Sayre Quevedo
Interview with Ibby Caputo
Audio events at Open City
'It's Not Easy Being Green... and Black' Q&A
Radio & Audio Funding Award Pitches at Regent Street Cinema

Open City Documentary Festival 2018
'Hale County This Morning, This Evening' review
Interview with Sarah Geis
The Whickers RAFA Pitch 2018
Opening night at Open City Documentary Festival: Baronessa

Inter:Mission Bristol
Interview with Lewis Capaldi
Single Review: Lynks 'Str8 Acting'
Live Rev
iew: Spinny Nights (Lynks debut)
'This Is America' is the most important music video of the year
Country music is the o
nly music you need for Valentine's Day
Interview with rock band Brewer
Interview with indie band Bad Sounds
Interview with musician Otto Hashmi
Interview with SIKALradio
Interview with DJ Marko Cubric

Live Review: Bad Sounds
Live Review: Nilüfer Yanya at the Louisiana

1883 Magazine 
Interview with actor Jack Rowan
Interview with  R&B singer Liza Owen
Interview with pop-duo Bloom Twins
Interview with singer NYNA
Interview with singer songwriter Odette

5.18 Magazine
'An Ode to Dandyism' for the Spring/Summer 2019 Issue 
'Talking Dirty: Revisiting Dirty Talk Zine' for Issue 5: June 2018

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