The Mask Maker

An interview with London-based artist Sam Berlin about the strange and beautiful papier-mâché masks he makes. Through sharing some of his masks, he discusses the inspirations and processes behind his work. 

Music by Harry Smithson.

Aired in January 2021

Why be a magician?

A professional magician, an amateur and a performance artist discuss what led them all to performing magic.


This programme explores what it's like to be part of the magic community in the UK and how magic changes people's lives.

Sound design by Harry Smithson.

Shared on 5.18 Magazine in October 2020

This Quarantined Life

Selected stories from the start of the quarantine. Virtual baking, online drag, faraway friends and a 105 mile bike ride home.

A homage to the Pulitzer-Winning podcast, This American Life.

Originally aired on Slow Dance Radio in May 2020

Wall to the Right of My Bed

Sonic poem made for Audio Playground.

Released in December 2020